Join experts from the library, copyright, and information policy fields for a series of conversations exploring issues related to digital ownership and the future of library collections.

Library Leaders Forum Sessions

This year’s Library Leaders Forum will be organized on two separate dates to provide attendees with a flexible environment in which to reconnect with colleagues.

October 12: Virtual

October 12 @ 10am – 12pm PT
Online via zoom – Register now

For our virtual session, we’ll bring together hundreds of librarians, policy experts, publishers, authors, creators and library enthusiasts to celebrate our work together over the past year.

Attendees will hear from Brewster Kahle, the founder and digital librarian of the Internet Archive, about what’s new at the Internet Archive, including Democracy’s Library, a collaborative effort to help bring public access to materials in the public domain. You’ll hear from our policy team about the latest updates on the publishers’ lawsuit against our library, and you’ll learn how you can support our library and our mission through this fight. We’ll highlight new community developments with controlled digital lending, and you’ll learn about the new projects that we’re gearing up to support in 2023 and beyond.

October 19: In-Person

October 19 @ 9am – 3pm PT
Internet Archive Headquarters @ 300 Funston, San Francisco

At our in-person session, we’ll gather together with the builders & dreamers to envision an equitable future for digital lending. We have reached capacity for our in-person session. We will share a report with session outcomes. 

2022 Internet Archive Hero Award

Who will receive the 2022 Internet Archive Hero Award?

We’ll announce this year’s receipient at the October 12 virtual session. Register now!

Conference Workshops

Empowering Libraries Through Controlled Digital Lending

October 11 @ 10am PT – REGISTER NOW
The Internet Archive’s Open Libraries program empowers libraries to lend digital books to patrons using Controlled Digital Lending. Attendees will learn how CDL works, the benefits of the Open Libraries program, and the impact that the program is having for partner libraries and the communities they serve.